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Mission Statement

The Ludington Area School district, in partnership with parents and community, will educate and empower students to adapt and succeed in their futures.

Vision Statement

Ludington Area School students will graduate from a top-performing district, confident in the  skills required for their success in the global community.

LASD Water Testing Results
Given recent concerns regarding drinking water safety, we made the decision to test our City drinking water throughout the school district. The City is responsible for testing the water they provide to the community. We are required to test our pool water and drinking water coming from wells.

Ludington Area School District tested 51 taps, and two of the 51 exceeded the threshold for parts per million of lead. Both taps testing over the threshold were taken out of service, and replaced with lead-free fixtures.  

Meanwhile, we continue to replace old water fountains with modern fountains which allow the public to fill water bottles.  We have at least one of these stations in each of our school buildings, and they have already saved nearly 100,000 water bottles from going to landfills.

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Ludington Highlights

Fall 2016 Beam

BEAM fall 2016

Middle School Library looking for volunteers

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2016 Elementary Cheer Leading Clinic


Upcoming Events

  • 30 Sep
    • Homecoming
      Sep 30
      District Events
  • 5 Oct
  • 20 Oct
    • 6-12 Half Day Conferences
      Oct 20
      District Events
      Half day for students in grades 6-12 for conferences.
  • 21 Oct
    • K-12 Half Day
      Oct 21
      District Events
      Half day of school for all students K-12. Afternoon PLC Day for staff.
  • 8 Nov
    • No School
      Nov 8
      District Events
      No school for students K-12, PLC day for staff.
  • 18 Nov
    • Full Day All; Exam 5th Hr
      Nov 18
      District Events
      Full day for all students. Exam for 5th hour on this day.
  • 21 Nov
    thru Nov 22
  • 23 Nov
    • No School
      Nov 23
      District Events
      No school for students. Teachers work half day. End of first trimester.
  • 24 Nov
    thru Nov 25
    • Thanksgiving Break
      Nov 24 - Nov 25
      District Events
      No school Thanksgiving break.
  • 28 Nov
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School Begins
District Events
First day of school for all students. Half day for Kindergarten only.
Kindergarten 1/2 Days
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Half day for Kindergarten students only.
Sep 7
Kindergarten 1/2 Days
District Events
Half day for Kindergarten students only.
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